Houston Ship Repair provides Diesel Marine International reconditioning services.

Houston Ship Repair Inc. entered into a license agreement on 01 January 2007 with Diesel Marine International (DMI) to provide reconditioning services. Our facility is the only DMI licensed reconditioning facility, for diesel engine components, located in North America.

Operating in partnership with Diesel Marine International, LTD. DMI-HSR is the exclusive diesel reconditioning facility for our customers in USA, Central America, Canada, Panama and the Caribbean area.

DMI-HSR provides reconditioning services for slow and medium speed marine diesel engines with reliability and on time delivery for the following components:

  • Cylinder Covers
  • Exhaust Valve Spindles
  • Exhaust Valve Seats
  • Piston Skirts

Please click the links below to visit the websites:

DMI Global

DMI Group