HSR Mechanical Repair Services

Houston Ship Repair's Mechanical Repair Services

Houston Ship Repair, Inc., stands ready to meet all mechanical repair and conversion requirements of the marine and offshore industries. Our capabilities include a fully qualified engineering department, a machine shop and most equipment required for carrying out field service.

HSR is proud to be recognized as a competent service provider for the repairs and maintenance of most four and two stroke diesel engines. Our service engineers and technicians have been factory trained and are consequently amongst the most competent diesel engine technicians available in this area.

However, our skills extend well beyond just engine repairs. All marine and offshore equipment can be handled by our machinists. Contact us, or call us to find out how HSR can assist in solving your longstanding or immediate problems.

HSR's mechanical repair teams can carry out all marine and offshore related work, and are available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.